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honoring those who served . restoring mind, body and soul

How it Works


Brain Balancing for Veterans is focused on improving the mental wellness of military veterans.  Founded and operated by retired military members, the objective since 2018 has been to treat veterans without any costs to the former service member.  


Brain Balancing for Veterans (BB4Vets) was established to help expand the effort and treat as many veterans as possible.  Our commitment is to use all funding towards the benefit of veterans and their dependents.


Feeling overwhelmed?

Help is available - simply dial 988

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

Speak with someone today, available 24 hours. 

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Brain balancing is a gentle, proprietary process that has clinically shown to reduce symptoms associated with neurological conditions that stem from imbalances in the brain. There are billions of neurons in the brain that create waves of bio electric energy. With our patented procedure we can measure the electrical activity of neurons within the brain.  Then, we use our painless, low-power pulse transcranial stimulation procedure to interrupt unhealthy brain wave patterns and  promote new, healthy ones. The brains response is typically fast with changes noticed in the first session or two… Our results have been impressive.

What it Helps


Our High Performance Neurofeedback technology balances the brain, which has proven effective on a wide range of conditions.  HPN “retrains” the brain and central nervous system by allowing the brain to shift from a dysfunctional state to a “reorganized” and balanced status.   Conditions that improved using HPN include: 



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Our Vision


Our vision is to develop a fund that will cover the hard costs for veterans in need of the following services and opportunities.

  • Offer Brain Balancing Sessions 

  • Certify veterans as practitioners 

  • Purchase Brain Balancing systems to be used at veteran centers across the US 

By expanding the availability of the system we can help more veterans with their mental health issues and return them to a normal, healthy and productive life.  

BB4Vets utilizes the proprietary and patent process established by Neurogen Brain Balancing.  From it’s inception in 2018, the operators of Neurogen Brain Balancing have provided there service and support to 1000s of military veterans and first responders at no cost.  The expanded goal is to increase the breathe and scope of that offering to include more veterans in more locations.  The creation of BB4Vets officially allows for any / all to make donations to permit this procedure to be administered to 10,000s more across the United States and world.  The impact of brain balancing has been so helpful to so many that we can continue on our mission….with your help.  


Please donate what you can.  Our commitment is that every dollar will be used to benefit a service member to improve their mental heath and wellness.   

If you are interested in supporting our efforts and reaching our vision, kindly consider a donation.

Thank you!

Our Founders



Greg Gillispie

In 2018, Greg co-founded  Neurogen Brain Balancing with the express goal of helping combat veterans who have PTSD, for free.

Master Gunnery Sergeant, Gregory L. Gillispie (Ret.), is committed to helping his fellow veterans, one brain at a time.

Master Gunnery Sergeant Gregory L. Gillispie retired after a distinguished 30-year career in the Marine Corps. The majority of Greg’s career was spent with the Marine Corps’ most elite units: Reconnaissance Battalions, Force Reconnaissance Companies, and other Special Operations Forces to include Naval Special Warfare command.

He was deployed overseas ten times with seven combat deployments in the Middle East. In 2007, Greg retired with multiple concussions, blast injuries, a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and severe PTSD symptoms. Five years of traditional medical treatments and countless prescriptions were of little help, and he continued to struggle with chronic pain and many PTSD symptoms, including debilitating migraines.


In 2012, Greg volunteered to be patient zero in a brain study utilizing Neurogen’s HPN technology to treat veterans with TBI’s. He received ten treatments over three weeks, after which Greg’s symptoms virtually disappeared.  Before and after brain scans confirmed the effectiveness of the treatments.

Inspired by his own phenomenal response, Greg dedicated himself to bringing Neurogen HPN’s life-changing technology to his fellow veterans.

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Dennis Yeatman

Dennis Yeatman, is co-founder of Brain Balancing for Veterans.  He is a Naval Academy graduate and retired as a Navy Commander after a distinguished 20-year career. 

He has an MS in Business Administration from Boston University and 40+ years of practical business experience, including Naval Logistics, Bank of America and a leading US insurance company.


Dennis was an immediate believer in the benefits of Neurogen Brain Balancing. Just one session significantly improved the quality of life of his son who suffered from severe concussions sustained from five years in the NFL.


Since 2018 with the formation of Neurogen Brain Balancing, Dennis has overseen the operational side of the business.  He has been instrumental in the growth to over 15 metropolitan areas across the US, and the administration of over 10,000 sessions in the past four-years. 

Dennis is passionate about making Neurogen Brain Balancing available to veterans and first responders, across the United States, and beyond.  He co-founded Brain Balancing for Veterans with Greg Gillispie in an effort to make this revolutionary, non-invasive and highly effective technology available to all veterans at no cost.  With your help, we will achieve that vision.  

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Reach Out

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